Do you like big boobs or small boobs?
Most guys like boobies regardless of their size but there's always the matter of the shape. Nowadays more and more girls want their boobs bigger so you have on the one hand those lucky ones who get a really great boobjob but on the other hand you see those whose tits now look worse than before. Sometimes the boob shape is more important than the boob size and no one can understand that better than a true big tit freak. So the ultimate question is not whether you like your tits big or small but actually why do we love them so much! We all love big boobs, big natural boobs and big siliconed boobs because it's part of our animal instinct. Nice boobs appeal to men mainly because they don't have them and they're the first thing we put in our mouths when we come out of the womb. Hiding them under clothes all the time doesn't help either.

WARNING: Lots of Boobs completely exposed inside!

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